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Chris James

The Music Suite consists of 10 exquisite thirty minute instrumentals composed and performed by Chris James that set a new standard in purpose built music for massage, body-work and other therapeutic sessions to support therapists and clients. Also used for music therapy in palliative care and with people in trauma.

'This music is for everyone to enjoy as a

    re-connecting and healing support in daily living for children and adults, at home

or at work.'


A great asset for your business 'The Music Suite' is also popular as reception and waiting room background music . . . from doctors and dental clinics in Australia, to hair salons in London.

Award winning singer, musician and voice coach Chris James presents on sound, voice, and their healing qualities internationally.


Early in his career Chris recognized the capacity music can have to support personal transformation with his clients experiencing positive and life changing responses from his music and voice therapy sessions.


Chris composes music with a clarity that does not impose any concepts on the listener, but simply and powerfully supports the space for us to relax, let go, and re-connect to our true nature and innate state of balance. Chris presents the universality of sound and music all around the world. 



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