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‘As a doctor with a great love of music, I had almost despaired of finding music for my waiting room which my clients and staff could all enjoy… until I found the Music Suite, by Chris James. This set of six long tracks has been such a blessing in my office.

My staff find it restful and supportive, helping them to stay steady despite the intensity that can come down the phone and in the door, and my patients seem to actually enjoy waiting in my waiting room now! I notice they are more relaxed, more open and more connected with their bodies, so by the time I see them, it is so much easier to be with them and to help them with their problems. Not one person has complained about this music…it is universally loved…in fact, the only complaints I get now are that I have not left people waiting for long enough to enjoy more of it!

The music is also deeply relaxing for me and I will play it on plane flights, or if I am staying in a hotel room, to help me rest despite whatever outside noise is going on. It helps me to drop more deeply into my body and to surrender to rest, to prepare for sleep and to open up for healing.

Anne Malatt     Doctor

Thank you so much Chris, I am playing the Music Suite in the waiting room of my physiotherapy clinic and  have noticed quite a difference how people feel when they come into the treatment room. It's like they have dumped some of their emotional issues before even they walk in. Sometimes clients comment how relaxed they feel before they start, after sitting listening to the music. And if a partner comes and sits to wait during the session, they've had a treatment from the music too. It's gorgeous, thank you again.

Gill Randall    Physiotherapist

Allowing people to feel space and explore what they are holding onto and that they have a choice to let go. Your 'Deep Calm' has, and continues to be amazing in clinic. People keep saying 'put the music on' and it has led to discussion about music that supports true healing. 

S. V.     Fitness trainer.


Sensational Chris. This is the best of this genre of music, thank you.

Neil Gamble   CEO

The Music Suite is amazing. I have been using it in my home based clinic. I have noticed a difference in my clients willingness to drop and surrender during their treatments since I have only been using The Music Suite in the waiting area and treatment room. I have also been playing it in the car during our morning commute for school drop off and I have noticed my kids have much more settled and more open to communication since playing it.

Linda Goggan   Complimentary Therapy Practitioner and mother



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